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Hey there Miss Meh - ready to become Mrs Hell Yeah?

You’re in the right place!

Ring: On finger
Date: Set
Dress: Found

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You don’t feel totally confident about sporting that gorgeous gown - especially as all eyes are gonna be on you, and you’ll be the star of a gazillion photographs. Without the option to edit them…
You know you should start your pre-wedding health and fitness kick, like, last month. But dieting is dull. You’ve tried it before. It did not go well. And the gym? Honestly. You hate it (it’s ok, so do I!)
You are BUSY. Life + job + fiancee + friends + family + wedding to plan + sleep - you just don’t have the time/money/energy to spend on personal trainers, juice cleanses, or whatever trendy uber pricey weight loss miracle cure you’ve read about.
You’re overwhelmed, under motivated, and more than a little bit panicked with every day you don’t take action (insert ticking clock noise).
So how about doing it the healthier, easier, cheaper way? The one that means life is still fun, your stress levels are low but your bank balance is up?
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Say I do to..

A simple step by step plan, tweaked to fit you perfectly

One on one support, BFF style

Accountability, because it’s harder to lie to someone else than to yourself - FACT

We do it by..
  • Giving YOU the info you need to make the best choices - debunking common weight loss and nutrition myths that might be holding you back, and learning the science-y stuff that actually matters (knowledge is power, ladies)
  • Not counting calories, points, fat content, or using scary sounding ‘magic’ supplements. Instead you’ll learn why what you eat matters as much (or more) than the amount you eat.
  • Understanding how food affects your hormones, for better or worse. And as your hormones control your weight, sleep and stress levels, you’re going to want to know this!
  • Accepting that too much of the wrong exercise can be bad for you, and focussing on quick, effective workouts with no gym and no equipment required - nada!
  • Becoming a creature of (good) habits - no good knowing it all but not how to use it in real life. The step by step method is perfect for everyone to make changes, no matter how worried, unconfident or stuck you feel.
  • Mindset matters, and you’ll learn that how to think about things to rock your confidence and willpower and get those results.
  • Spotting your stumbling blocks before you even get started - whether it’s lack of time, cash, kitchen space (or even kitchen skills), or even that you have to eat out regularly for work, you’re an individual girl and you’ll be treated that way with a plan to suit YOUR life - one size, as we know, does not fit all…
  • Teaching you actual everyday life hacks to make shopping, cooking, eating out, and ordering in easy peasy, and healthier.
  • Crushing it with confidence - you’ll have the what, the why and the how to jump right in and get started right away!
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You Get..
  • Free 30 minute no obligation consultation call to ‘try me on’, see if we click, and ask me any questions. Bad vibes? Bow out now.
  • Detailed pre-coaching questionnaire
  • Pre-coaching food diary
  • Initial 90 minute Skype session so we become better friends, and also chat about above paperwork
  • 4 further 60 minute coaching sessions (intervals differ based on client needs) covering food and exercise advice, stress reduction techniques, mindset, confidence and motivation)
  • Daily accountability with Brideance food diary
  • Weekly food diary feedback and support email with advice on what you've nailed and what need tweaking a bit
  • Huge resource list including websites, videos and suggested reading to compliment your learning, and links to relevant blogs and social media profiles that will keep you super motivated
  • Simple, friendly, no BS info and coaching!

For an all in price of £795 (nothing extra to pay, ever).


Meet Emma-Louise

Hey! I’m the one you want with you on your journey to the aisle. Why me, you ask? Find out here.



I'm so thankful I had Emma-Louise's help & guidance before my wedding. My weight loss had come to a halt even though I was eating less calories than was recommended... I hadn't realised how important what I was eating was and how it would affect me. With Emma-Louise's help I managed to lose those last pounds I wanted before my wedding. Not just that, but stomach issues I had suffered with stopped, I got less headaches & generally felt so much healthier! Emma-Louise really knows her stuff and I would recommend any bride to put their trust in her & follow her advice. 

Wedding Belle is for you if..
  • You’re confused by health and diet info. There’s so much of it! And it’s all different! Aaarrrgghhh!
  • You want an easy, healthy, sustainable way to get in super shape, but actually have a life while you’re at it.
  • You want to rock those photos with glowing skin, luscious hair and fab nails.
  • You aren’t prepared to spend the run up to your wedding feeling tired, hungry, deprived & miserable.
  • You don’t care much for fad diets or weird sounding supplements.
  • You are not a fan of the gym (understatement)
  • You know that counting calories and 300 minutes of cardio a week does not make for a happy bride to be.

You know it makes sense to have one on one support!

Pop the questions!

Still not sure if Wedding Belle is for you? Get in touch! You can find me here waiting to answer any questions you can think up. 

Rather talk it out? Great! Just arrange a free consultation call to get started!