We do it by..
  • Giving YOU the info you need to make the best choices - debunking common weight loss and nutrition myths that might be holding you back, and learning the science-y stuff that actually matters (knowledge is power, ladies)
  • Not counting calories, points, fat content, or using scary sounding ‘magic’ supplements. Instead you’ll learn why what you eat matters as much (or more) than the amount you eat.
  • Understanding how food affects your hormones, for better or worse. And as your hormones control your weight, sleep and stress levels, you’re going to want to know this!
  • Accepting that too much of the wrong exercise can be bad for you, and focussing on quick, effective workouts with no gym and no equipment required - nada!
  • Becoming a creature of (good) habits - no good knowing it all but not how to use it in real life. The step by step method is perfect for everyone to make changes, no matter how worried, unconfident or stuck you feel.
  • Mindset matters, and you’ll learn that how to think about things to rock your confidence and willpower and get those results.
  • Spotting your stumbling blocks before you even get started - whether it’s lack of time, cash, kitchen space (or even kitchen skills), or even that you have to eat out regularly for work, you’re an individual girl and you’ll be treated that way with a plan to suit YOUR life - one size, as we know, does not fit all…
  • Teaching you actual everyday life hacks to make shopping, cooking, eating out, and ordering in easy peasy, and healthier.
  • Crushing it with confidence - you’ll have the what, the why and the how to jump right in and get started right away!