No Diets, Deprivation or Guilt Trips

Who says you have to count calories, break up with chocolate, or join some crazy bridal bootcamp to feel beautiful on your wedding day? Brideance offers a less-is-more approach to toning up and a judgment-free nutrition coach (that’s me!) to help you stay motivated as you build healthier habits.




Big Results Come in Small Steps

Between work, pre-wedding celebrations, and trying to decide between 20 different centerpieces...how do you fit in meal planning or workouts? Even if the thought of a new health routine gives you cold feet, Brideance makes it easy to commit to tiny tweaks that have a body-toning impact:




Everybody (and Every Body) is Different

You need a fitness and nutrition plan that’s tailored for your goals, your body, and your lifestyle. Whether you’ve got food allergies like me, treadmills give you nightmares, or that flower wall backdrop is eating into your grocery budget — I meet you where you’re at and help you work with what you’ve got.