So we haven't met yet, but I reckon...

  • You're getting married (yay!)
  • You're busy (who isn't?), and
  • You want to look and feel THE BEST for your wedding (who doesn't?!)

I'm also pretty certain that:

  • You're confused/intimidated by the mass of diet and exercise advice online
  • You want to save time and money where you can (obvs)
  • You want to be a hot and healthy bride, but still have a life pre-wedding

Right? Great, I have just the thing. It's called Brideance.

Brideance was born from a love of biology, a passion for helping women look and feel their best, and frustration at the amount of inaccurate health and fitness advice out there. I promise to give you clear information and easy to implement steps.

Making changes can feel scary, but most people only concentrate on 'what' to change - but the 'why' and 'how' to change are vital too, and coaching is the ultimate way to learn to combine all three together to get the results you deserve!