I’m so thankful I had Emma-Louise’s help and guidance before my wedding. My weight loss had come to a halt even though I was eating less calories than was recommended... I hadn’t realised how important what I was eating was and how it would affect me. With Emma-Louise’s help I managed to lose those last pounds I wanted before my wedding. Not just that, but stomach issues I had suffered with stopped, I got less headaches and generally felt so much healthier! Emma-Louise really knows her stuff and I would recommend any bride to put their trust in her and follow her advice. 
I knew I wanted to lose weight, I just didn’t understand HOW I was going to make that happen, and in time for my wedding. Not only did Wedding Belle totally transform my body but the experience completely changed how I think about food and my understanding of nutrition. The advice was totally personalised and fitted my lifestyle perfectly. Emma-Louise was so easy to approach with queries, I never felt like I was intruding if I contacted her. The resources she provided to help me along the way were priceless, especially the recipes. Emma-Louise is knowledgeable and passionate, and was as enthusiastic about my weight loss as I was. I couldn’t have got into my dress without her help, for sure.
— Amy
A truly delightful and knowledgable lady who made me feel at ease. Offered so many ideas and alternatives and was also keen to help me in my understanding of why - all without judging me. A great experience.
Emma-Louise is a hive of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and healthy living. For anyone looking to improve their health, fitness and general well being she’s incredibly motivational and positive in her approach. Her cooking tips are so simple yet effective - she always inspires me to be healthier even when she’s not trying! 
My main problem was my size - the wedding was drawing closer and I wasn’t able to fit comfortably into my dress. With Emma-Louise’s coaching I achieved it! I’ve also learnt that I can take control of my own health now, and realise the importance of looking after myself both inside and out. I loved that the coaching was tailored to fit my lifestyle and that Emma-Louise adapts her coaching style to suit each individual. She really cared about me getting the results I wanted which in turn made me even more motivated!
— Anna