You don’t feel totally confident about sporting that gorgeous gown - especially as all eyes are gonna be on you, and you’ll be the star of a gazillion photographs. Without the option to edit them…
You know you should start your pre-wedding health and fitness kick, like, last month. But dieting is dull. You’ve tried it before. It did not go well. And the gym? Honestly. You hate it (it’s ok, so do I!)
You are BUSY. Life + job + fiancee + friends + family + wedding to plan + sleep - you just don’t have the time/money/energy to spend on personal trainers, juice cleanses, or whatever trendy uber pricey weight loss miracle cure you’ve read about.
You’re overwhelmed, under motivated, and more than a little bit panicked with every day you don’t take action (insert ticking clock noise).
So how about doing it the healthier, easier, cheaper way? The one that means life is still fun, your stress levels are low but your bank balance is up?