Healthy Habits For Brides-To-Be

Healthy habits for brides to be by Bridal Health Coach Emma-Louise Parkes. Are you ready to become the most beautiful and healthy you_ Read more! _ bridal health workout plans _ bridal fitness tips _ bride health pl.png

It’s easy to lose weight, they say. Just eat less and exercise more, they say. But let’s be honest…

It’s NOT easy. It takes effort. It can be a struggle

You lose motivation. You fall off the healthy eating wagon. A week flies by and that last gym session is just a distance memory

You know WHAT you should be doing. But actually doing it? A whole other story

But why? That’s complicated…

Your unique personality affects how you build and sustain habits and how you stay motivated

Habits. The key to success

See without habits these efforts are just random stabs in the dark, trying (and failing) to do something

But with habits comes consistency. And with consistency comes…


Want to learn how I can create a bespoke plan to work perfectly for YOU? Something that takes into account your lifestyle, your personality, and teaches you how to build habits that work for you? (No cookie cutter solutions here…)

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Why You Need A Bridal Health Coach (Even If You Think You Don't)

A bridal health coach can help you plan out your healthy wedding diet. We can also hold you accountable for your wedding health plan from sweating for the wedding workouts to bride to be health tips. Get your tailor.png

Coaching is everywhere - from personal trainers to social media coaches, it’s available in a huge range of industries. There are even coaches for coaches (I know this because I have a coach myself!)

So why is it so popular?

And more importantly…

What can bridal health coaching enable YOU to achieve?

This quote from Derek Sivers sums it up…

If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs

We all own devices that connect to the Internet. We can literally access almost all the information known to man at the touch of a button. But what about harnessing it for our own use and development?

That’s trickier…

So many factors affect our ability to do that successfully by ourselves

Lack of motivation. Overwhelm. Not being held accountable. Lack of support. Not knowing how to build or sustain habits. Not knowing where to start or what to prioritise. Sound familiar?

Without these skills, even all the information in the world is useless!

But combined with a coach?


Let the magic begin!

So are you a bride who needs guidance? Do you desperately want results (and then some) in time for your big day?

Are you excited even THINKING about how good you could look and feel?!

Then let’s do it…

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An Accidental Happily-Ever-After

Learn how my healthy diet plan guided me into becoming a bridal health coach and how I believe I can help many more brides get the same result as I had. Want results for your own big day? Read to get inspired!

Confession - I became a bridal health coach completely by accident... 

I mean, I always intended to start my own business…

…after shedding 30lbs effortlessly and 180ing my health simply by changing I ate…

I’d taken my health coaching and nutrition certifications and was raring to go 

I knew I could help other women achieve the same results I had.

Then I got chatting to a coworker in the canteen - I saw her looking enviously at my hearty dinner (and the dark chocolate I had ready for dessert...) 

She sighed and reluctantly carried on eating her unappetising ready meal from a famous weight loss company, admitting it tasted like cr*p and that she never felt satisfied afterwards. 

But, she explained, she was getting married in 6 weeks, was bigger than she wanted to be, and didn’t know what else to do - her weight had plateaued despite reducing her calories and upping her exercise. 

Nothing she tried was working for her, and she was miserable and stressed. 
“I’ll coach you” 

I explained my own experience and that I’d just gotten certified - she could be my test client! 

She agreed, thrilled, and left the table full of excitement. Just then my other coworker turned to me in horror and said... 

“Are you insane?! 

You’ve never coached anyone before, and if it doesn’t work you’ll ruin her wedding day 

AND you have to keep working with her!!” 

But you know what? 

It didn’t occur to me for even a second that that was even a possibility 

I completely believed in what I had learnt, and 100% knew it would work for her, especially with the support and accountability a coach provides 

So did it work?

Hell yeah it did...
And that’s how Brideance was born! 

Here’s what Carolina said…

I’m so thankful I had Emma-Louise’s help and guidance before my wedding. My weight loss had come to a halt even though I was eating less calories than was recommended... I hadn’t realised how important what I was eating was and how it would affect me. With Emma-Louise’s help I managed to lose those last pounds I wanted before my wedding. Not just that, but stomach issues I had suffered with stopped, I got less headaches and generally felt so much healthier! Emma-Louise really knows her stuff and I would recommend any bride to put their trust in her and follow her advice. 

There are some love letters from other brides I’ve worked with since here 

Want results like this for your own big day? 

Let me help you find your healthily ever after too!