...look and feel a-maz-ing for your big day. You're busy, right? So how does making some small changes that get some huge results sound?

I've spent hundreds (upon hundreds) of hours studying nutrition and it's impact on health, because I geek out on that sort of thing but you have better things to do with your time. Like plan a wedding. Now, let's incorporate what I've learnt whilst becoming a Primal Health Coach and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified into your routine. I practice what I preach so I know all the pitfalls - meaning you'll learn how to avoid them!  I was able to reverse my chronic autoimmune symptoms without medication, just food and food alone. Improvements to my energy levels, sleep, hair, nails, skin and hormones followed... Oh wait - did I mention that I lost 2.5 stones/15kg in the process? Without ever counting a calorie, thinking low fat or assigning 'points' to anything? FACT.

I'm a true girl's girl, a certified life coach and a great cheerleader (in the supportive sense - no pom poms here) so I can 'yay' you all the way to being a bride with pride.

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